About Me

Hey, I'm AJ and I'm the founder of Breaking Barriers Fitness.

I originally entered the world of fitness because I was an exercise nerd who enjoyed working with people. From there, my passion actually grew out of a frustration. I was sick and tired of seeing the people I love and care about, (heck, even strangers!) being told lies about diet and exercise. 

Myths such as women shouldn't lift weights, diet pills are the answer, fat is the devil, and so on. I became embarrassed with the fact that my industry was putting profits before people. In a way, I felt it was becoming more difficult for people to find the right answers without becoming overwhelmed with the B.S. along the way.

So, I decided to start Breaking Barriers Fitness with a mission to help people work or break through, whatever barriers keep them from achieving the health and fitness they desire. My promise is to authentically educate others with the information and guidance they need to find their optimal health. 


What I Provide

The 3 Pillars for Success







Strategy consists of the instruction and implementation of fitness and nutrition for the client based on their specific needs. Anyone can find a meal plan or workout online, the one that works is the one that's designed for you!

Knowledge isn't power until it is implemented. Implementation happens when you invest in yourself by having someone keep you true your goals and your greater vision for yourself.

You can't transform your body until you prepare your mind for that transformation. This means learning the skills to train your mindset to embrace the new and improved version of yourself.


I have struggled to commit to a consistent exercise plan my entire life (I just turned 60). When I met AJ, she made a difference for me. She is incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, motivating and kind. She designs a truly customized and individualized plan for her clients. She researches and develops plans taking in to consideration physical and emotional readiness, ability, strengths and weaknesses. She encourages goals that are reachable yet challenging. I trust her without reserve and would strongly recommend her for anyone striving for a more healthy, happy and active lifestyle.

Stephanie M.

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