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Breaking Barriers Fitness


About AJ & Breaking Barriers Fitness

Yo, I'm AJ and I'm a lover of being strong, eating donuts, and empowering BA women!

I founded Breaking Barriers Fitness to help women reach success in their fitness journey by their standards.

For too long, we as women have been told how we "should" act and how we "should" look. I'm determined to break the barriers that keep women from becoming their badass empowered female-selves.

Through training their mind and muscles efficiently


Nourishing their body and soul properly

Along with a community of other badass superstars, we build strength mentally and physically as we display what it means to be strong role models for our kids.

Together we make our community healthier.

Together we change lives.

Together we break barriers.

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The Level Up Academy

The Last Fitness & Nutrition Program You'll Ever Need

Shedding the beliefs of what we should be and stepping into the badass we are meant to be.

Efficient Fitness Plans

Workouts that fit around YOUR life

Sustainable Nutrition

Simple & tasty meals and anti-fad diet nutrition coaching

Community of Badasses

The family you need to always feel supported on your journey.


I have struggled to commit to a consistent exercise plan my entire life (I just turned 60). When I met AJ, she made a difference for me. She is incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, motivating and kind. She designs a truly customized and individualized plan for her clients. She researches and develops plans taking in to consideration physical and emotional readiness, ability, strengths and weaknesses. She encourages goals that are reachable yet challenging. I trust her without reserve and would strongly recommend her for anyone striving for a more healthy, happy and active lifestyle.

Stephanie Marshall


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