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You're smarter & wiser than you were in your 20's.

Shouldn't your training be as well?

We'll focus on what types of exercise are the biggest bang for your buck and what will help you achieve the fitness you desire!


Yo-yo diets are so 1999.

It's time you learn to fuel your body as the badass Goddess you are.

If you can't do it forever, it's not worth doing. We'll teach you how to eat for a strong & healthy life instead of only for a number on a scale.


Self-sabotage, social messaging, stress, and mental fatigue. Undoubtedly, these are the biggest things holding you back from the health you desire.

Good thing we'll spend a $hit ton of time on them!

I have struggled to commit to a consistent exercise plan my entire life (I just turned 60). When I met AJ, she made a difference for me. She is incredibly knowledgeable, flexible, motivating and kind. She designs a truly customized and individualized plan for her clients. She researches and develops plans taking in to consideration physical and emotional readiness, ability, strengths and weaknesses. She encourages goals that are reachable yet challenging. I trust her without reserve and would strongly recommend her for anyone striving for a more healthy, happy and active lifestyle.

Stephanie Marshall

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